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Tag Team Comic

what will a group of artists come up with now?

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tag team comic is pretty much just what it sounds like, each member draws one frame and the next person draws the next and so on. the only requirements are that each member must and may have only one character and keep it clean, mild language is acceptable. at the end of the month, depending on how many people join i will compile all the frames in to one page or whatever and put it on a website or something.

if you are interested please request membership, either buy clicking where it says join ar by sending me an e-mail.

you can also e-mail me if you have questions or concerns.

the story line will be on going and probably very random. :)

now for the serious rules,
1. after the person in front of you posts their frame it will instantly be your turn to draw.

2. you have one week to draw your frame

3. if it takes you longer than one week to draw the frame you will be skipped and you will have to wait until your turn comes around again.

4. the list that we are going by is the list of members on the info page, if you join mid rotation you will have to wait until the person in front of you draws to draw.


Marcus "The Iceman" Tegtmeier

James "meowington" McVann

Lee "The Logo Man" In Limbo